We are a leading enabler of disruptive cash flowing assets and enabling the operators who grow them

Every DeepWork investment is intentional and proactive. Our portfolio is only home to assets that have the potential for rapid, predicable growth while minimizing risk.

DeepWork has an award winning track record of positioning passionate, and effective operators inside our companies, which of which get one-on-one backup from our team each and every day.

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Our Investment And Growth Strategy

Take a moment to read and understand the 5-step framework we use when approaching every business, investment or other opportunity for our own portfolio or for our investors.

Nearly all of DeepWork’s success comes from the ability to see around corners, and not just time the market, but have a comprehensive view for both ourselves and our investors on where the world and the market will be in the next 12-24 months.

Matthew Sabia (CEO) has an infamous track record of understanding and predicting through data which areas are ripe for disruptive change and the wealth that can be generated through it.

One of DeepWork’s core principles which is also a foundation for our investment and growth strategy is getting the maximum output for minimal input. This sounds like a basic tenet but is one of the most underutilized strategies in this and many other spaces.

Wealth is generated in the white space between disruption and the generation of value. Using a combination of both a first mover and last mover advantage is a core strategy that has helped DeepWork stroke gold for ourselves and our investors with industry-leading predictability.

We also understand that human capital can be leveraged just as powerfully if not better than the monetary form. Finding, recruiting, and training skilled operators and instilling the DeepWork frameworks and principles will affect growth more than any other factor.

Depending on the first principles of each capital deployment, DeepWork determines if the quickest pathway to growth and cashflow generation will be to build or acquire an asset in a given space. 

Or sometimes, like our massive success with investments such as MediaGlobe, and Cyphr AI, it’s a combination of both.

Taking responsibility and being willing to accept the work and sacrifice of building an asset from the ground up and positioning lethal operators in that asset is something we pride ourselves.

DeepWork values growth and wealth generation for both ourselves and our investors over dogmatically following a strategy or framework. Each investment and each asset has their own unique challenges and needs, and not one strategy will fit perfectly for each one.

Businesses are run by people and entities which make decisions and this is what drives growth. Not even product or service will determine an asset’s cashflow potential over the short-term and the long run as much as the operators who steward it and control its leadership.

DeepWork understands this in a more clear and data-driven way than others in this space and the very concept of DeepWork as a set of principles for focus and production lets the operators and leaders we place inside of these businesses and other assets to outcompete in an industry-leading fashion.

Strong leaders and both born and built and DeepWork has one of the most effective frameworks to facilitate that building process.

The most valuable commodity on our planet and which determines our lives more and more each day is data.

The majority of business leaders have wild misconceptions about how much they truly understand the life force of their business and have an accurate understanding of their numbers and other vital KPIs.

Our predictive modeling framework and internal data science team puts every asset under the microscope after phase one (which is the building, acquisition, or restructuring phase).

We use this data in an almost compulsive way to grow both valuation, and cashflow, and improve every element of that asset’s internal machine so these data-backed results and changes begin to quicky compound on themselves and drive massive growth.


[noun / verb] /dêp/ wark/

The philosophy, mental state, and/or practice of repeatedly leveraging undistracted focus, and cognitive ability toward a singular task or mission, yielding unparalleled speed, creativity, problem solving and results. Commonly referred to as being in a “flow state”

DeepWork's Featured Holdings

Take a look at some of our highlighted assets below. If you would like to see our full public portfolio just click the button below to visit the dedicated page for details.

Some of our Featured Investments


Cyphr AI is a disruptive machine learning and artificial intelligence company with 3 very unique AI models. Each of these 3 models work together to rapidly learn and replicate individuals’ personalities, speaking patterns, and likeness from their social media preseason and leverage that for multiple purposes.

Cyphr’s main specialization is using this technology for rapid and mass content syndication for creators’ businesses or individuals to drive extreme growth and attention to their brand.


Media Globe is an Industry-leading media buying and agency account service provider which enables brands and businesses to scale their digital advertising quickly and efficiently Being strategic partners of Facebook, TikTok, and Google, Media Globe provides clients with agency-class ad accounts among other consulting services and software products.

Since having equity acquired by DeepWork, Media Globe’s monthly recurring revenue (MRR) has grown by 450% within 60 days of acquisition.


Hush Creators is both a creator network specializing in more adult content and experiences such as OnlyFans and other custom services as well as a creator marketing and management agency. Hush is one of the earliest true adopters of AI in this space to exponentially scale both their’s and their creator’s follow and monthly revenue numbers.

Leveraging their own in-house AI Chat system to replace and minimize the need for staff and account management teams, Hush Creators is quickly becoming an industry leader in terms of growth and efficiency in delivering services to their creators and clients.

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